Selten Seeding Grants

for Associated Members of ECONtribute

Selten Seeding Grants support early career researchers who are associated members of ECONtribute.

  • Research Grants: Support of research projects (data, experiment, student assistants) (max. of 5.000 € per application).
  • Conference Grants: Support early career researchers in organizing workshop/conferences (max. of 7.000 per application).
  • Travel Grants: Support of associated early career researchers to cover travel costs for conferences, training, networking or other events related to their professional development as researchers (max. of 1.500 Euro per application)

Eligibility: Early career researchers (doctoral candidates, postdocs, assistant professors) at University of Bonn and Cologne who are associated with ECONtribute.

Funding Scope: The overall funding is 50.000 € per annum.

Application Deadlines: January 31 | June 30 | October 31

Application Form: Download 

Please send the completed application form to