ECONtribute Discussion Papers

NumberTitleAuthorsResearch Area
021/2020Do Non-Compete Clauses Undermine Minimum Wages? Thomas Kohler, Fabian Schmitz Organizational Design & Behavior
020/2020Polls and Elections: Strategic Respondents and Turnout ImplicationsChristina LuxenTheoretical Foundations
019/2020Financial literacy, risk and time preferences – Results from a randomized educational interventionMatthias Sutter, Michael Weyland, Anna Untertrifaller, Manuel FroitzheimBehavioral Foundations, Consumer Protection
018/2020(Why) do central banks care about their profits?Igor Goncharov, Vasso Ioannidou, Martin C. SchmalzPolitical Economy
017/2020Bank capital and the European recovery from the COVID-19 crisis Moritz Schularick, Sascha Steffen, Tobias H. TrögerDistribution, Political Economy
016/2020The Role of Caseworkers in Unemployment Insurance: Evidence from Unplanned AbsencesAmelie SchiprowskiBehavioral Foundations
015/2020Modigliani Meets Minsky: Inequality, Debt, and Financial Fragility in America, 1950-2016Alina Kristin Bartscher, Moritz Kuhn, Moritz Schularick, Ulrike I. SteinsFinancial Stability, Distribution
014/2020Are Economists’ Preferences Psychologists’ Personality Traits? A Structural ApproachTomáš JagelkaBehavioral Foundations
013/2020Paying Them to Hate US: The Effect of U.S. Military Aid on Anti-American Terrorism, 1968-2014Eugen Dimant, Tim Krieger, Daniel MeierrieksBehavioral Foundations
012/2020Unequal and unstable: income inequality and bank riskYuliyan Mitkov, Ulrich SchüwerFinancial Stability
011/2020Monetary Policy, Financial Constraints, and RedistributionChristian Loenser, Andreas SchabertFinancial Stability, Distribution
010/2020The Political Economy of a Diverse Monetary UnionEnrico Perotti, Oscar SoonsFinancial Stability, Distribution
009/2020Observability, Social Proximity, and the Erosion of Norm ComplianceCristina Bicchieri, Eugen Dimant, Simon Gächter, Daniele NosenzoBehavioral Foundations
008/2020Mentoring and Schooling Decisions: Causal EvidenceArmin Falk, Fabian Kosse, Pia PingerBehavioral Foundations, Distribution
007/2020Social capital and the spread of Covid-19: Insights from European countriesAlina Kristin Bartscher, Sebastian Seitz, Sebastian Siegloch, Michaela Slotwinski, Nils WehrhöferPolitical Economy
006/2020Secular Trends and Technological ProgressRobin Döttling, Enrico PerottiFinancial Stability, Distribution
005/2020A General Framework for Studying ContestsSpencer Bastani, Thomas Giebe, Oliver GürtlerOrganizational Design & Behavior
004/2020Reveal it or conceal it: On the value of second opinions in a low-entry-barriers credence goods marketParampreet Christopher Bindra, Rudolf Kerschbamer, Daniel Neururer, Matthias SutterMarkets & Values, Market Design & Behavior, Consumer Protection
003/2020Discrimination, narratives and family history: An experiment with Jordanian host and Syrian refugee childrenKai Barron, Heike Harmgart, Steffen Huck, Sebastian Schneider, Matthias SutterMarkets & Values, Market Design & Behavior, Consumer Protection
002/2020 The Short-Run Macro Implications of School And Child-Care Closures
Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Moritz Kuhn, Michèle TertiltDistribution
001/2020 Pareto-improving tax reforms and the Earned Income Tax CreditFelix Bierbrauer, Pierre Boyer, Emanuel HansenTheoretical Foundations, Distribution