What we do

The RSI runs various programs to create a productive research environment and to initiate collaborations between economists at the universities of Bonn and Cologne. In order to promote scientific exchange, the institute regularly organizes workshops, lectures, and conferences with international guests. The RSI also hosts science events in convivial atmosphere that are addressed to a wider audience and complemented by fine art performances to promote public outreach.

Selten Lecture

The RSI yearly invites an internationally renowned researcher to a public lecture intended to a wide audience and to a seminar for senior fellows and PhD students. The RSI lectures create opportunities for scientists and laymen to meet each other and learn about trending topics and approaches in economics. After each lecture there is room for discussions and personal conversations.

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Selten Salon

Once a year the RSI organizes a science event to promote public outreach. A renowned senior researcher gives a lecture addressed to the general public. The talk is complemented by a cultural event involving music, movies, theater, poetry, or dance. Combining academic lectures with fine art performance creates a unique atmosphere in which understanding economic thinking becomes easier for non-experts.

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ReStart Talk

We pay special attention equality opportunity issues (in particular, gender) with our new lecture series ReStart. Several times a year, experts from the Cluster of Excellence ECONtribute but also well-known guest-speakers (e.g. researchers, top managers, politicians) hold public lectures on equal opportunity topics. The lectures highlight various aspects of equal opportunity and are open to the interested public.

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