ECONtribute Webinar with Felix Bierbrauer

Felix Bierbrauer will present his latest research in the upcoming ECONtribute Webinar. On a regulary basis, Cluster members present one of the nine Cluster’s Research Areas and their current research to the research community. The webinar includes a presentation as well as a Q&A afterwards and will be held via Zoom.

Date and time: 13th of May, 12:00-13:00h CET.

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Politically feasible reforms of non-linear tax systems

Felix Bierbrauer, Professor of Economics, ECONtribute, University of Cologne

At the webinar, Felix Bierbrauer presents a conceptual framework for the analysis of politically feasible tax reforms. First, he proves a median voter theorem for monotonic reforms of non-linear tax systems. This yields a characterization of reforms that are preferred by a majority of individuals over the status quo and hence politically feasible. Second, he shows that every Pareto-efficient tax system is such that moving towards lower tax rates for below-median incomes and towards higher rates for above median incomes is politically feasible. Third, he develops a method for diagnosing whether a given tax system admits reforms that are politically feasible and/or welfare-improving.

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The webinar was held on 13th of May 2020. You can watch the recorded session below: