MEF, Special Lecture IV

Marta Giagheddu (Stockholm School of Economics):
“The Distributional Implications of Fiscal Devaluations”

Special Lecture

Thomas Piketty (School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, Paris School of Economics):
“Rising Inequality and the Changing Structure of Political Conflict”

13th Manchot Lecture

Professor Thomas Piketty (Paris School of Economics): “Rising Inequality and Globalisation”

Public Lecture Max Planck Institute

Waltraud Schelkle (LSE): “The Political Economy of Monetary Solidarity: Understanding the Euro Experiment.”

Special Lecture Finance

Giorgia Barboni (Princeton University):

MEF, Special Lecture III

Francesca Loria (European University Institute):
“The Effect of Oil Price Shocks on U.S. Investment: Size Matters”

briq Short Lecture Series

George Loewenstein (Carnegie Mellon University):
10:30 “The new new economics of information”
13:30 “Thanking, Apologizing, Bragging, and Blaming: Responsibility Exchange Theory and the Currency of Communication”

MEF, Special Lecture II

Elisabeth Proehl (University of Geneva and Swiss Finance Institute):
“Approximating Equilibria with Ex-Post Heterogeneity and Aggregate Risk”

Special Lecture Bank Management

Fintegral Deutschland AG: “Bankenregurlierung SREP (Supervisory Review & Evaluation Process).”

Public Lecture Institute for Economic Policy

Frank Decker (University of Bonn): “Wer nimmt an der Entscheidungsfindung in demokratischen Gesellschaften teil? Zum Zusammenhang zwischen ökonomischer Ungleichheit und politischer Partizipation.”