RSI Lunch Session at the EEA-ESEM 2018

The 33rd Annual Congress of the European Economic Association and the 71st European Meeting of the Econometric Society (EEA-ESEM 2018) will take place at the University of Cologne from August 27 to August 31. The Reinhard Selten Institute (RSI) will organizes a lunch session with a special focus on Market Design at which new challenges, tools and objectives in that field will be discussed.

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Two-day workshop on “Markets and Public Policy” in March 2018

The Reinhard Selten Institute (RSI) regularly organizes workshops and conferences with international guests to promote scientific exchange. On the 5th and 6th of March 2018 there will be a two-day workshop on “Markets and Public Policy” with several talks and two panel discussions held at the Fritz Thyssen Foundation in Cologne. The meeting is open to all members of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences at the universities of Bonn and Cologne.

RSI Seed Funding Grants open for applications

For the first time, the Reinhard Selten Institute (RSI) offers Seed Funding Grants for excellent collaborative research projects in all areas of Economics.

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Seminar on Credible Mechanism Design hosted in Bonn and Cologne

Speaker Shengwu Li (Harvard Society of Fellows) presented his work on “Credible Mechanism Design” on October 24 and 25, 2017 at the University of Cologne and at the University of Bonn.

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Joint Cluster of Excellence initiative reaches full proposal stage

The Cluster of Excellence initiative “ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy”, a joint project by the universities of Bonn and Cologne, is invited to submit a full proposal in the framework of Germany’s Excellence Strategy. Read more

REStud Tour 2017 hosted in Bonn

The economics departments of the Universities of Bonn and Cologne jointly hosted a meeting of the prestigious Review of Economic Studies (REStud) Tour 2017 as part of the Bonn-Cologne Joint Seminar Series.

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RSI inaugurated during Reinhard Selten Memorial Conference

The Universities of Bonn and Cologne jointly hosted a memorial conference in honor of Nobel Laureate Prof. Reinhard Selten (1930 – 2016) on April 28, 2017 in Bonn.

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Reinhard Selten Institute (RSI) founded

The Universities of Bonn and Cologne jointly founded the Reinhard Selten Institute (initially named Bonn-Cologne Research Institute in Economics).

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Draft proposal for Cluster of Excellence submitted

The Universities of Bonn and Cologne successfully submitted the joint draft proposal for the Cluster of Excellence “ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy“.

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First ECONtribute Network Workshop held in Berlin

A first brainstorming workshop of the ECONtribute Network was held in February 2017 in order to explore potential fields of collaboration between researchers and policy makers. The workshop was hosted by the Federal Ministry of Finance in Berlin.

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